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Welcome to AGENDA, your digital passport navigating the realms of fashion, music, business, art, and architecture across the vibrant cities of Madrid, Berlin, Paris, Milan, and London. AGENDA is not just a magazine; it’s a curated portal to a world of exclusive events and cultural experiences.

AGENDA caters to the discerning global citizen aged 18 and above, those who revel in exploration, social connections, and a desire to immerse themselves in diverse cultural spheres. Whether your passion lies in the rhythmic beats of concerts, the visual allure of gallery openings, the intellectual stimulation of business forums, or the architectural marvels shaping skylines, AGENDA invites you to indulge in the extraordinary.

As a subscriber, you hold the key to a personalized AGENDA experience. Tailor your preferences, and we’ll craft a bespoke journey for you, complete with exclusive event invitations.

We understand that your interests are as diverse as the cities we cover, and AGENDA is here to celebrate that diversity.

Our commitment goes beyond reporting; our team of journalists delves into events, providing on-the-ground coverage, insightful articles, reviews, and compelling opinions. Follow us on TikTok and Instagram for a glimpse into the AGENDA world, where occasional interviews with artists and attendees bring you closer to the pulse of the cultural scene.

AGENDA is more than a spectator; we’re active participants in the cultural tapestry we showcase. Join us on a journey where every page is an invitation to explore, connect, and be inspired. Your adventure with AGENDA starts here, where culture meets curiosity.

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