mitte team

behind the scenes of our magazine, a dynamic and diverse team brings our wildest ideas to life, transforming every page into a captivating work of art. let us introduce you to the brilliant minds that make up the best team: lilli, lucrezia, jana, pauline and katherine.


first, there’s lilli, our perpetual ray of sunshine. with her boundless energy and infectious sense of humor, she brings a touch of freshness to every meeting. her boundless imagination and talent for storytelling captivate our readers, transporting them into imaginary worlds with every article she writes.


next, let’s meet lucrezia, our art and culture enthusiast. with her unrivalled artistic flair, she brings our pages to life with stunning images and layouts. each issue is a visual masterpiece, thanks to her meticulous attention to detail and ability to capture our magazine’s unique aesthetic.


jana, our trends and style expert, is always on the cutting edge of fashion. her unbridled creativity and sharp eye for design transform our concepts into stunning visual realities. with her by our side, every edition is a veritable fashion show, where innovation meets elegance.


pauline, our scholar with a passion for literature and languages, brings intellectual depth to our pages. her exceptional writing skills and insatiable curiosity fuel our editorial content, offering our readers an enriching and intellectually stimulating experience with every read.


finally, katherine, our guardian of order and organization, keeps our team on track with her formidable efficiency and keen sense of time management. thanks to her hard work behind the scenes, each issue is published on time and without a hitch, ensuring a smooth experience for our readers.


together, lilli, lucrezia, jana, pauline and katherine form truly the best team, united by their passion for art, culture, fashion, literature and professionalism. their dedication and creativity are the pillars on which the success of our magazine rests, and we are grateful to have them by our side every step of the way on our editorial journey.