Transforming the Sea: Delicious Oyster Recipes

When hosting a gathering, it can be hard to imagine that something like an oyster could be a crowd pleaser. By adding some acidity, herbs, and heat you can transform these sea creatures into a delicious oyster recipe and appetizer.

Our first tip is to create sauces and dips that can compliment the flavor profile of an oyster. This can be in the form of a liquid sauce such as mignonette with red wine vinegar and onion. Or use a cream sauce such as horseradish which offers a spicy kick.vAnother way to serve crowd-pleasing oysters is by baking them on the half shell. For those turned off by the natural texture of oysters, baking them with a mix of breadcrumbs, lemon, and fresh herbs transforms them into a delicious oyster recipe. The heat firms them up for a satisfyingly meaty texture. It is also a good idea to serve the shells alongside toppings such as hot sauce or lemon wedges to customize the flavors.

Another breakthrough in the seafood industry is the introduction of meatless and vegan seafood in order to cater to the growing number of vegan and vegetarian diets.

In cities like Los Angeles and New York, meat free seafood includes dishes such as imitation crab found in popular sushi rolls. Therefore vegan calamari from Natures Charm as entered the market to revolutionize vegan seafood. This can help a host offer meat free alternatives to their guests and try new culinary innovations. For example a delicious oyster recipe can be made vegan by using seaweed and aquafaba to achieve the meaty and salty flavor of oysters without the fishing. Another way to use vegan seafood is by adding them into a salad with vegetables and acidic dressings. 

Reuse Into Decor

Another way to incorporate oysters into your dinner party is by reusing the shells of the creature to create jewelry, candles, or home decor.

This can be achieved by gathering the remaining shells after the meal and cleaning them to prepare for a group craft. You can melt together wax and fill the shells to create mermaid inspired candles for guests to take home. Another craft is to drill holes through the shells and attach them to strings to create a necklace or pair of earrings.

A final way you can use oysters  in your dinner party is by taking shells to create centerpieces or light fixtures. This can create beautiful table top decorations that can add to the ambiance of the room. Another craft can be done by gluing the shells together to form a rose like shape and then painting over the shells with a vibrant color or shimmering highlight paint. This affect will help to make them stand out amongst the table and catch the eyes of your guests. As far at light fixtures go, you can arrange the shells on an already existing light or chandelier and glue them down to add a beach feel to your home. 

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