Welcome to the heart of London, where history harmonizes with innovation, and the city resonates with a vibrant cultural beat. Agenda Magazine invites you to embark on a journey through February’s upcoming events, promising an unforgettable experience that transcends the ordinary. As the city transforms into a playground of wonders, we are your VIP pass to the most anticipated events. From groundbreaking architectural showcases at the London Design Festival to the pulsating beats of the London Music Festival, get ready for a month-long celebration that showcases the dynamic rhythm of London’s cultural scene. This article will reveal the exclusive list of events happening throughout February, along with our handpicked recommendations for each day. Whether it’s festive celebrations, fashion-oriented, or culinary delights, we’ve got you covered!

Chinese New Year Spectacle

February 11

Experience the grandeur of CHINESE NEW YEAR in London on February 11, with vibrant parades and festivities in Trafalgar Square and the West End. Agenda Magazine offers an insider’s look into this significant celebration, guiding you through the curated events and cultural experiences. Whether you’re new to Chinese traditions or reliving cherished memories, immerse yourself in the festivities marking the Year of The Dragon. On February 9, families gather for reunion dinners, followed by traditions like giving lucky envelopes to younger members. Main celebrations in Chinatown and West London on Day 2 include decorated streets, cultural performances, and traditional foods. Let Agenda Magazine be your guide to embracing Chinese New Year in style!

Valentine's Day

February 14

Feel the romantic pulse of London on Valentine’s Day with Agenda Magazine as your guide. We’ll take you on a journey through enchanting restaurants, captivating tours, and after-dark events, ensuring a day filled with love and memorable experiences.

  • Create a Signature Scent: Design a Bespoke Perfume Experience
    Work together to create a personalized perfume, a unique and lasting memento of your love.
  • Romantic Date: London Eye Spectacle
    Soar high above the city lights on the London Eye. This iconic observation wheel offers breathtaking views of London’s skyline, promising an unforgettable experience for your romantic evening or solo escapade.
  • Festive Date: Mamma Mia Party
    Immerse yourself in the ABBA magic at the Mamma Mia Party! Dance the night away and celebrate love with a musical twist.
  • Watch the Sunset from The View from The Shard
    Bask in breathtaking views of London with your beloved as you watch the sun dip below the horizon.
  • Cruise Along the Thames with City Cruises
    Soak up the sights on a romantic river cruise, creating moments to cherish.
  • Dine at Top Valentine’s Day Restaurants in London:
    • Clos Maggiore: Impress your date at this charming restaurant, known for its romantic ambiance.
    • Sketch: Indulge in an evening at the ever-so-pretty Sketch for a delightful dining experience.
    • City Cruises Romantic Afternoon Tea: Sail down the Thames in style as you celebrate your love.
    • Valentine’s Rooftop Experience at Floriatta: Spend the evening sipping bespoke cocktails and enjoying panoramic views from St Paul’s to Canary Wharf.

London Fashion Week

February 16-20

Be at the forefront of style as London Fashion Week dazzles from February 16th to 20th. Explore the latest trends, discover new pieces by British and international designers, and indulge in fashion’s finest with Agenda Magazine as your exclusive guide. Stay tuned for real-time updates on designer spotlights, afterparty recommendations, and insider details. Excitingly, the BFC has announced a milestone change for 2024 – fur is now banned from the LFW schedule, reflecting a positive shift toward ethical and sustainable fashion practices. The stellar lineup includes iconic British luxury brand Burberry, alongside other renowned designers. London Fashion Week 2024 marks the event’s 40th anniversary, presenting a hybrid digital and physical experience celebrating the intersection of menswear and womenswear. Stay updated with schedule releases, designer announcements, and exclusive video content by signing up to AGENDA MAGAZINE.


London’s cultural extravaganza awaits, and Agenda Magazine is your guide to the city’s vibrant tapestry this February. From the innovative London Design Festival to the rhythmic London Music Festival, and the romance of Valentine’s Day to the glamour of London Fashion Week, join us for an unforgettable urban experience. Stay tuned on TikTok, Instagram, and the Agenda App to catch every exciting moment. Let the adventure begin with Agenda—your front-row ticket to the grand show!


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