berghain. the most famous club in the world. hype or horror?

the hype of berghain and tiktok techno (the ruin of techno).

although this is the first thing people think of when asking them about berlin nightlife, berghain is probably the worst night club to go to. what used to be a place of acceptance, freedom, unity and a safe haven for the queer community now turned into a challenge of “are you cool enough to get accepted.” 

techno became the soundtrack of the fall of the berlin wall. after the unification of west and east berlin, the buildings were empty, there was no curfew and police had other things to deal with. so rave’s started to become more popular throughout berlin. it was not about how you looked, who you were or what you wore. it was about germany’s celebration of freedom and the acceptance of other people.

“ost gut” the first techno club in berlin became a place for queer men and hetero techno lovers to dance side by side. not long after followed the probably most famous club in the world, “berghain” in 2004. known for its amazing stereo sound and perfect mix of trendsetters, queer undergrounds and rave tourists. berghain lived from berlin freedom but also from rumor mill and exclusivity. it is not for nothing while people wait in line for hours just to experience what so many talk about. to this day, it is merely impossible to find a photo or video from the club. simply because, if you remove the sticker that they place from your phone, you will get kicked out. so don’t do it. be respectful of the culture and other people. what happens at berghain stays at berghain. however… this has started to change. insiders and regular berghain customers, have been complaining about the change that has hit the iconic berlin club. from switch to stereo, to the raising prices and switch of audience. more and more techno insiders and lovers have stopped going to berghain, because it is simply overrated. a big part of the drop of popularity for berghain stemmed from everyone’s worst enemy.. tiktok. more specifically, ravetok. the trend has been getting bigger and bigger and people are posting about raves and techno clubs like berghain, breaking the scenes first commandment, anonymity. this new generation does not go to berghain for the music and freedom of the techno scene, but only for being able to say, “yes i’ve been to berghain.” berghain was there for people to anonymously unfold themselves and experiment, the new rave generation is the complete opposite. the culture now is marketable and saleable. it is not without reason that the rumor mills states that the club is close to closing. so do not go to berghain. especially if you ask yourself before if your outfit is cool enough, if you question that you are part of the problem. it is likely you won’t get in and being there just for the hype is embarrassing.  overall everybody has their place in berlin and if you don’t yet you will find it. 

instead go to: undercover rave parties, griessmühle/ r.s.o