more and more people get drawn into the fashion of berlin, meanwhile for many it is a very lowkey environment. are new york, paris, and london really the main fashion capitals ? or should the emerging fashion designers of berlin get just as much attention ? 

berlin is covered with artists, designers, and overall open-minded and creative people. the environment is comparable to paris, except the fact that it is a different aesthetic. 

however, an emerging  fashion designer from paris usually gets more recognition than someone coming from berlin. 

 comparing emerging fashion designers from paris and berlin, makes it evident that they are however definitely playing in the same league. i want to bring attention to the upcoming designers in paris and in berlin. 

upycyling in berlin vs paris 

first and foremost, a repeatedly noticeable trait in their collections, are the use of unconventional materials and sustainable, nearly upcycling methods, to create their item. 

the first designer from berlin, worth featuring, is anne isabelle, who creates items that identify as an artistic medium. she creates shoes and bags that are totally reinvented in material and color, nearly creating a thin line between disgust and fascination. she is trying to provoke emotions, exploring the human body to deepen the bond we have within ourselves.

a similar concept, created by the artistic director anrea zanola, based in paris, focuses more on clothing. the brand performs a sustainable and upcycled practice to create their modern knits. in their collections the concept of beauty gets explored, by combining natural and unnatural materials. contrasting elements are often featured, which shows how they redefine the texture and material in the context of sustainable fashion. 

gender-neutrality & body-positivity in berlin vs paris

when it comes to gender-neutrality and body-positivity, two upcoming designers stand out : 

olivia ballard, based in berlin, is all about showing off the individuality of the body of each wearer. the clothes are seemingly feminine, but the designer really aims to include everyone. her designs often feature the material mesh, in order to dismantle society’s binary gender roles, by leaving the way the item is worn completely to the individual. 

alice fresnel launched a brand in paris called alfie. her idea is to twist the gender-neutral fashion. overall, her designs are elevated basics for women, inspired by menswear, since she wants to explore the balance between masculinity and femininity. structured silhouettes and refined fabrics are a common feature in her designs. 

sensuality in berlin vs paris

 moreover, sensuality is exploited and expressed for quite some time in fashion already. even now it is a prevailing theme in fashion artfully exploited by young designers. 

the upcoming brand, based in berlin called horde, creates intricate tops and pants reminiscent of bondage to create a playful aesthetic. especially with their photoshoots and instagram presence, you can see the way they exploit the sensuality humans can present. 

a similar idea is behind the label of emma reynaud, who created the brand marcia, based in paris. she pushes sexy to be comfortable, and still focuses a lot on sustainability and eco-friendliness. the designs are intended to empower women to embrace their strength and sensuality. 

what berlin offers

in conclusion, berlin’s fashion scene is a rising force that deserves the same recognition as the other fashion capitals. the city’s artistic and open-minded environment with its distinct aesthetic is a great spot for emerging designers to establish their brands. 

overall, the use of unconventional materials and sustainable practices is a common thread among emerging designers. the idea is in any way, with any concept, to challenge the traditional norms and explore the boundaries of fashion. 

in essence, young designers are making waves with their innovative approaches. as we witness the evolution of the fashion landscape, it is crucial to keep an eye on the dynamic talents emerging and contributing to the diversification and redefinition of the global fashion narrative. 

watch out for these young emerging designers, because they are the one redefining the future of style.